WebConnect Community License

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WebConnect Community License for remote work. You need one license for each connection used at the same time. Any number of connections and any number of user accounts can be set up.

The WebConnect Community license is free and limited to one concurrent connection. This license may only be booked and used by private customers.

First payment prorated. Next payment: June 1, 2024

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Preinstalled on WebConnect Co-Router
In connection with the WebConnect hardware, you receive the software pre-installed and only have to activate it with your license key.

Install on your own devices
Alternatively, you can install the software in your network with one of the download files provided on Microsoft Hyper-V, vmware, Proxmox, Oracle VirtualBox or Parallels and activate it with the license key.

In order to work with WebConnect, no installations are required on the client. With WebConnect, RDP, VNC, SSH, Telnet and Kubernetes connections are implemented in the Internet browser. This means that the remote connection is independent of the client device and operating system.

The WebConnect software builds a secure https tunnel to the client browser during access. This means that no additional VPN connections are necessary, since WebConnect takes over the security management.

WebConnect Community-License
The WebConnect Community-License is limited to private customers. It is limited to one concurrent user at the same time.


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